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 Up loaded on Thursday September 02, 2010



                  Doordarshan started its telecast in India in the year 1959 when there were practically no TV sets in India. There were practically no viewers, no scope of commercials, no scope of revenues and of course there was not a thought of making profits.

                 But still Government of India invested a lot of money in Doordarshan. Was it making a blunder in putting money into it? If any private broadcaster should have thought of starting a TV channel then? What was the revolution made by Doordarshan in India?

                 Without thinking about profit making Doordarshan reached every nook and corner of India. It developed a very good viewership all over India. Knowing that Doordarshan signal is freely available, people started importing TV sets. Then many companies started making TV sets in India. This created an electronic revolution in India. Many more companies came up with many more products like TV sets, VCPs, VCRs, VCD players etc. Thus Doordarshan created lakhs of job opportunities indirectly. Lots of Electronic Engineers got direct employment in Doordarshan and in many electronic factories, and many got indirect employment as service engineers.

                If you look back, it will be clear to you that, visionaries in Government of India who invested large amounts in Doordarshan without thinking about profit, revolutionized Indian industry. Without Doordarshan, Indian electronic industry would have been in infant stage even now.

              As Doordarshan created new and new viewership, commercials, revenues and profits started coming along with it. And many years after Doordarshan created an infrastructure and viewership all over India, many companies came into the field knowing that it was the time to reap benefits from the seeds grown by Doordarshan.

              These companies are governed only by the principle of making profits and are not bothered about the culture and unity in diversity of our great nation. They showed anything to public so that they can earn profit. On many occasions their programs were vulgar and obscene which Doordarshan will not dare to telecast.

                India is already late in introduction of digital terrestrial transmission. This will enable public with free access to seven digital clear channels even in moving vehicles. As there are practically no digital ready TV sets in India, no private broadcaster is going to invest in that technology. With the introduction of DVB-H all mobile phones will get free access to TV channels irrespective of service provider. It is the responsibility of Doordarshan to start digitalization of terrestrial transmission and of course it requires a lot of investment. Only Doordarshan without a profit motive can do that. If Government of India does not provide roads in India, what would have been the fate of automobile industry in India? Similarly Doordarshan is providing a platform for Indian electronic Industry to thrive upon.

              The role of Doordarshan in creating a developed, industrialized India cannot be denied by anybody. With the onslaught of private firms including multinational companies into our airwaves and polluting our airwaves with vulgar, obscene and anti-national programs, Doordarshan has got the responsibility to stand up and show that it can do everything possible to maintain great Indian culture, can provide unbiased news and information to public and uphold our national integrity. At present Doordarshan is operating 30 channels in 22 languages and is one of the largest terrestrial network in the world..

                Now it is time for Doordarshan to take up the role of National Broadcaster. Profit should not be the motive of Doordarshan.
Its motive should be public service and for that it should remain with Government of India with complete & Direct funding from the government of this country.  I think  it is the  right time to repeal Prasar Bharati act which cut the wings of Doordarshan and need to  make Doordarshan a Government of India organization.


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