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About Friends of Parsar Bharati

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Responsibility of Public Service Broadcasting

          About Friends of Prasar Bharati.


               Friends of Prasar Bharati is a non-profitable organisation aims to  defend and promote All India Radio and Doordarshan in its vital role as India's National and  Public service Broadcaster,  to inform, educate and entertain the public.

           Friends of Prasar Bharati believe that the support of the people realising the significance and necessity of Public service broadcaster and National Broadcaster and demanding and supporting the public service broadcasting and National Broadcaster is very important.

          Friends of Prasar Bharati wants to create an awareness about the significance of public service broadcasting and National Broadcaster, All India Radio and Doordarshan.

          An important part of Friends of Prasar bharati's mission is advocacy in support of All India Radio and Doordarshan to become a true Public Service Broadcaster. 

          Friends of Prasar Bharati observes that media , particularly visual media is going to be controlled by few corporate forces and vested family interests, within a short period of time, and Friends of Prasar Bharati wants to create awareness about the dangers of  media monopoly.

           The Friends of Prasar Bharati is not aligned to any political party, but it wants to  work as a lobby group with possible  support from all corners of social sphere and people from all spheres of life, to work on behalf of listeners and viewers of All India Radio and Doordarshan to support Prasar Bharati

          To keep operating costs to an absolute minimum, The Friends of Prasar Bharati  operates without any traditional infrastructure. 


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