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 Up loaded on Tuesday December 14, 2010

FoPB campaign for change in Satellite Television Broadcast  Policy.

            Dear Friends,
                            Amidst the controversy on the issue of 2G spectrum, another spectrum issue is completely ignored. It is about the use of spectrum by private channels by paying only a nominal annual fee. All private satellite channels are using spectrum for a nominal fee and most of them make huge profit. The easy affordability has also contributed towards proliferation of all kinds of "erratic" channels whose motives in the media business is questionable and the government is losing billions of rupees on this account. Spectrum is public property and cannot be used to facilitate the profiteering by private channels. (Air-waves that belong to public property cannot be allowed to exploited by private television broadcasters for profit only ,and that also with out even paying the sufficient spectrum fee or the so called license fee) .

                        We have already exposed the government policy of allowing almost free usage of spectrum by private television broadcasters in the the article   
Why "Free Spectrum" to Private Television  Broadcasters ??. and now humbly request you to join the campaign for a change in the government policy in this regard. Friends of Prasar Bharati has prepared a letter to  HER EXCELLENCY THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA SHRIMATI PRATIBHA DEVISINGH PATIL which is given below. We request you to copy it and send the same to  HER EXCELLENCY THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA  . Please click on the link  http://helpline.rb.nic.in/GrievanceNew.aspx to reach to Presidents Secretariat to write the letter

The text of the letter is given here:

Respected Shrimathi, Pratibha Devising Patil,

               I join thousands of others in requesting for change in  the existing government policy of sanctioning airwaves (spectrum) and license for starting satellite channels to private broadcasters for a nominal fee. I consider it amounts to supporting private broadcasters in making huge profit using the valuable public property, the air waves (spectrum).

       I request you to:

1. Enhance the annual spectrum charges, now paid by the private satellite channels to the government, according to its present real value considering the fact that spectrum is a valuable and scarce National resource.

2. Make it mandatory for satellite television broadcasters to share certain percentage of their gross annual revenue in the same manner as shared by private FM operators and private DTH operators.

3. Consider pay television channels and free to air channels separately for imposing spectrum charges with a higher amount from pay channels

4. Seriously consider auctioning the broadcast spectrum for satellite television channels.

5. Retain the present licence fee system and spectrum charges only in case of Prasar Bharati and other non-commercial, zero-Ad channels.

Truly yours

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|||||| Thank you for your interest.||||||