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 Up loaded on Saturday November 20, 2010

 Doordarshan Launches Documentary Series On Forts Of India
To showcase 26 episodes of its Television Documentary Series- “The Forts of India”.

               Doordarshan, today(19-11-2010) announced the commissioning of a 26-parts documentary series on the “Forts of India” in Hindi which will showcase the historic legacy and grandeur of various Forts of India. These forts symbolize the glorious ancient past and bear the eloquent witness to the rich cultural heritage and trials and tribulations of the ancient civilization.
Aruna Sharma, Director General, Doordarshan remarked, “We are pleased to air the priceless heritage and sheer grandeur of Forts of India in a subtle manner. I am sure that the enriching programme will stir the conscience of the viewers and would be a complete entertainment for the family. Being a national channel, it is our mandate to align with such culturally rich documentary productions that reminisce us of our magnificent ancient history.

           The series of documentary has been inspired by the idea that forts are not a subject of specialist interest – of significance to students of military history or architecture. These have been an integral part of the life of our people and continue to do so. India has a particularly rich legacy of forts and fortified cities. These represent and showcase the glorious diversity of our culture as well as repositories of literature music and performing arts. In most cases prominent cases, forts have been recognized – some for centuries- as important seats of culture. Many a sovereign who commissioned a major fort or added substantially to an old construction in his domain was also a patron of music, dance and art. The programme is designed as wholesome infotainment for the whole family. A wide audience cutting across the class, regional and the gender divide can view it with pleasure and benefit from it.

         The programme is conceived as a multimedia fare presented via television that does justice to a subject that has great promise. Each episode takes a long lingering look at the building and highlights the prominent landmarks or characteristic features of the fort. At the same time, imaginative recreation of the past supplements the dry historical narrative utilizing folk forms prevalent in the region where the fort stands. The story of the fort is told in the “local voice’.

         Commenting on the shooting experience of the documentary, producer-director G S Chani said, “Over the past three years, life has been hectic. Research has been arduous and assisted by erudite scholars from JNU, Jamia Milia and other Universities of repute from the country, various Foundations, Museums and academies to ensure exceptional authenticity to the production”.

           While sharing the experience of the producing and directing the series, Gyandev Singh, producer-director said, “Classical and folk artistes have made the monuments and ruins come alive and made it possible to take an extraordinary ‘imaginative leap’ into the past. The viewer can get a feel of how these forts were not only military buildings but entwined with the lives of the people served as custodians of art, literature and culture. Regional chapters of the INTACH, Sangeet Natak Academy and Zonal Cultural Centers have collaborated with us generously. Some of the forts are in remote locations and not very well connected. It was almost like embarking on an adventurous expedition off the beaten track. We were entranced by the artistic heritage of Bund’t, Orchha, Bikaner and Patiala. These forts are repositories of priceless miniature paintings of Rajput and Mogul schools. The evolution of architectural styles and development techniques is no less fascinating.”

          The forts that were showcased in the documentary series are Chittorgarh Fort(Rajasthan); Bekal, Palakadd, Kanoor forts (Kerala); Agra Fort (UP); Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur (Rajasthan); Qila Mubarak, Patiala (Punjab); Jaisalmer Fort (Rajasthan}; Gwalior Fort (MP); Red For (Delhi); Purana Qila (Delhi); Kalinjar Fort (UP); Gingee Fort (Tamil Nadu); Fatehpur Sikri Fort (UP); Chanderi Fort (MP); Janzira Fort (Maharashtra); Kumbhalgarh Fort (Rajasthan); Daulatabad Fort (Maharashtra); Bidar Fort (Karnataka); Ranathambore Fort (Rajasthan); Taragarh Fort of Bundi (Rajasthan); Bijapur Fort (Karnataka);Golcunda Fort (Andhra Pradesh); Mandu Fort (MP); Junagarh Fort Bikaner (Rajasthan); Orcha Fort (MP); Datia Fort (MP) and Jhansi Fort (UP).The music director of the documentary is Gynadev and anchored by Dr. Pushpesh Pant.

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